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What's the best place to go on a first date?

Most people go to movies and classy restaurants on their first date. I wanna try something unique and different. Any other first date ideas? Please share. I need help. Thanks.

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Andrew H. asked August 21th, 2010 • Report
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9 Answers

Kc Sugar Smith I will take show studio sing for her suck her and kiss herher | Answered 6 months ago

Oladipupo Dapson Take her to quiet place where there is no boby and discripple ur love toward her or him | Answered th, 2013

Jacob H. By the beach. | Answered th, 2012

Efe Ejofodomi Any place u r comfortable and u feel she wld be too. | Answered th, 2012

Jennifer Webb Take her out to a comedy club or karaoke bar. It could be a fun first date. | Answered th, 2011

Audrina Mickelson Why don't you both try ice skating? Ice skating can be pretty romantic... perfect activity for the first date. | Answered th, 2010

Jamie Pitt First date idea: Go on a picnic in the local park or find a nice, quite place near a lake, pond or river. | Answered th, 2010

Ray L. Starbucks is also a good cozy place for any first date ... good place to talk and if things are not going too well, it's an easy out ;) | Answered th, 2010

Cynthia Drew Take her out for bowling. I can tell you from my personal experience that bowling is always a fun first date -- it is interactive, keeps you both up and moving, and gives you something to talk about, even if you guys suck at bowling :) | Answered th, 2010

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