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How to find a date if you have never dated before?

I am a 21-year-old shy girl. I am having hard time meeting single guys who i would like to go on a date with. I have also tried several online dating services without any luck. Slowly I am starting to get worried. It's a hopeless situation. I would love to go out on a date with some cute guy. What are some good ways to start dating? Give me some cool dating tips and techniques.

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Carly G. asked June 12th, 2010 • Report
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14 Answers

Haileyesus Alemnew I want to contact sugar mammy | Answered 23 days ago

Kc Sugar Smith I will lov a sweet girl hot | Answered 6 months ago

Usman Opeyemi Am with you please | Answered th, 2016

Ikenna Ozor when i see him talk him wan'ts my min and take his number to call him
 | Answered th, 2013

Adeniyi Abayomi Am a very cool guy,and am also a had working person. I will like to know you more better than this. If possible send me ur yahoo messenger account. | Answered th, 2013

Victor Nwaka I would love 2 be with u, infact i love u | Answered th, 2012

Osisanya Wale Cultivate the habit of asking God for help..he's able to exceedingly, abundantly upon everytin we ask or think...tell him yu need a date and yu'l be suprised wat he'l do...dnt mind going on date with yu | Answered th, 2011

Jamie Pitt Open your heart and mind to find the true love of your life. Good luck. | Answered th, 2010

Tiffany Congdon Just be yourself. Keep an open mind. Stay positibe and soon or later you will meet the right guy. | Answered th, 2010

Vanessa Perrine Well Carly, if you have never dated before and you're not very outgoing and you don't have the nerve to approach your potential dating partners in person, then you are left with only one other option -- ONLINE DATING SITES! Try a few good dating websites like, Lavalife,, eHarmony, etc and let's see if you can find any compatible singles in your area. If you want to try a 100% free dating site that also lets you exchange personal messages with other singles, then you should go with -- PlentyofFish is a genuinely truly free online dating website. if the online dating thing doesn't work out, then i'm sure someday you will have enough courage to approach your potential dating mates in real life. Just be yourself and everything will be fine. Good luck with your dating adventure. Please keep us updated about your dating situation. Hope it helps! | Answered th, 2010

Tony Wuhrer Dating is intricate. Dating is a game. Dating is an art. You will learn it over time :) | Answered th, 2010

Jeremy T. I agree with Hans. Online Dating is the best option for you. Try PlentyofFish or Zoosk. Both of these dating websites have lots of single guys and girls. Have fun. | Answered th, 2010

Hans Milencovic Online dating is the best option for shy people. You don't have to approach the person right away. You can get to know your potential date online. If you guys click, then you can meet the guy or girl in person. Just make sure that you meet your date at a public place for safety reasons. 1 in 5 singles are currently using online dating sites. Online dating is perfectly normal these days. | Answered th, 2010

Josie Palmer Just be yourself. Don't be too picky. Open yourself up and let people in. If you like a guy, then go out on a date with him and try to build an emotional bond with the person. Don't rush into things. Just take it slow and i am sure you will meet the right guy sooner or later. Good luck. | Answered th, 2010

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