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What do men really look for in a wife?

Men, what do you desire in a wife? What is your "ideal" wife? Share your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

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Tiffany Chan asked February 12th, 2011 • Report
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5 Answers

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 | Answered 2 months ago

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 | Answered 11 months ago

Thankgod Okpe A good woman to take care of their children..................

 | Answered th, 2012

Jason Peifer Men don't like being smothered by their needy wives. A woman should be able to give her husband his space without getting offended. She needs to understand that her husband needs some time alone. Women who have the ability to give space in a relationship are highly desirable by most men. | Answered th, 2011

David H. 'Loyal' women make a great wife IMO. | Answered th, 2011

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